A Youth Performing Taiko Group - Seattle USA

Join Kaze Daiko on a Unique Journey...

Kaze Daiko has been providing Seattle area youth and their families with unique opportunities in culture, rhythm. movement, friendship, and community involvement since 2000.  


Experience - Performances

Learn about upcoming .KAZE DAIKO performances, the many past performances, and how to submit a performance request

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KAZE DAIKO performs at about 30 events each year; cultural and heritage fairs, festivals, community events, schools, charity, and private functions. Most performances are open to the public; click below to see a list of upcoming performances. Note times and venues - contact us if you need more details.


This dynamic youth performing group has become a fixture in Seattle and the Puget Sound region since 2000. KAZE DAIKO has performed at a wide variety of public and private events, provided workshops for schools and community organizations, and added an inspiring accent to private events.


Taiko is a  powerful  visual, musical, and cultural combination - and these talented youth performers are always a crowd favorite. Would you like to have KAZE DAIKO at your planned event, or to put on a workshop for youth at your school? Click below.


Learn - Classes and Workshops

Kaze Daiko offers Taiko weekly team instruction for performing members and apprentices as well as classes and workshops for youth ages 7-15 in the local community


Performing members and apprentices practice Monday evenings at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center (JCCCW). Youth 7-15 Interested in joining Kaze or attending a workshop drop-in to observe and/or participate in a team practice. Please notify Kaze in advance.


Kaze offers ongoing beginners-only workshops on Wednesday evenings. at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center (JCCCW). Youth 7-15 Interested learning Taiko or joining Kaze can drop-in to observe and/or participate in a workshop. Please notify Kaze in advance.


Would you like a workshop or one-time class for your school or community organization? Depending on the availability of our director and Kaze members to assist, Kaze has provided Taiko instruction to a wide variety of schools and organization in the local community.


Support - Get Involved

Performers, apprentices, parents, friends, and families help support Kaze Daiko and the regional Taiko community in many ways.

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Kaze is a member and parent/guardian run organization. Parents commit to support roles including helping each apprentice and performing member build their own drums, stands, and uniforms. Kaze members also support each other and build lasting friendships. 


Help spread the word about Kaze Daiko's performances, classes and workshops. You can also help in recruiting efforts - do you know youth ages 7-15 who might enjoy learning Taiko? Kaze also welcomes donations for materials for drums, stands and uniformns. 


Kaze is also a member of the Regional Taiko Group (RTG); representatives from multiple Taiko groups to share resources, organize classes, and collaborative performances for regional festivals and events. RTG can also put you in touch with groups offering adult classes